What is the power adapter used for?

Mei 15, 2018

What is the power adapter used for?

In fact, the power adapter is simply a transformer, which converts the AC 100-240V mains we use into the DC voltage required by our electronic products, such as 5V required by mobile phones, 9V required by routers, or 12V required by monitors, etc., for electronic products. The product provides the required DC power. Of course, in order to obtain a relatively pure DC voltage, circuits such as rectification and stabilization, filtering and protection are also required.

Because the output of the power adapter is generally low-voltage DC, which is safer than the 220V mains power supply. With the DC voltage provided by the power adapter, we can use electronic products safely and conveniently. Let’s introduce the purpose of the power adapter below.

Small household appliances

For example, electric fans, ventilation fans, air humidifiers, electric shavers, aroma diffusers, electric blankets, electric heating quilts, electric heating clothes, manicure instruments, ultrasonic facial washers, negative air ion generators, leafless fans and other small household appliances in daily life.

Digital products

Such as projectors, cameras, printers, notebook computers, network equipment, tablet computers, digital cameras, flat panels, scanners, set-top boxes, satellite receivers and other digital products.

Network communication products

Mobile phones, mobile phones, switches, routers, ADSL, fiber-optic cats, telephones, PHS, walkie-talkies, pagers, fax machines, set-top boxes, switches, IPTV, AD/VD cats and other network or communication products

Lighting products

Flashlight, headlamp, table lamp, LED strip, night light, mirror headlight, safety indicator light, searchlight, projection light, flat light-emitting panel, changing light, display screen, spotlight, light bar, reading light, microscope light, etc. lighting products.

Audio-visual products

TV sets, monitors, radios, speakers, tape recorders, video recorders, cameras, audio, MP3, MP4, MP5, electronic dictionaries, learning machines, repeaters, electronic photo frames, digital photo frames, portable DVDs and other audio-visual electronic products.

Security products

Smart cameras, fingerprint locks, electronic locks, surveillance cameras, alarms, electric bells, access control, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, car GPS, smart children’s watches, face recognition systems, smart safety locks, doorbell intercom Wait for the security system.

Medical products

Medical electronic products such as blood pressure monitors, electronic thermometers, multifunctional therapeutic instruments, laser therapeutic instruments, blood glucose meters, diabetes therapeutic instruments, vision improvement equipment, sleep improvement equipment, oral health supplies, etc.

Power adapters are more widely used in portable tools, control equipment, microprocessor systems, mobile equipment, industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, industrial control equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, instruments and other fields of different electronic products.


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