Can the power adapter be used as a charger?

September 14, 2018

Can the power adapter be used as a charger?

Adapter and Charger same ?First of all, when answering this question, we will briefly describe the concepts of power adapter and charger. The power adapter outputs a DC constant voltage, while the battery charger is a constant current-constant voltage-trickle flow, three-stage intelligent charging. Here we have to mention the mobile phone charger.

In fact, the mobile phone charger is actually a power adapter. However, the charging process of the mobile phone battery is managed and controlled by the built-in charging management circuit of the mobile phone. The mobile phone charger Just supply a constant voltage DC power supply. The chargers we mentioned can be strictly divided into lithium battery chargers, lead-acid battery chargers, nickel-metal hydride battery chargers, lithium iron phosphate battery chargers and other chargers. , these chargers basically charge the battery directly, without additional charging management circuit to charge the battery.

Its charging management circuit is built inside the battery charger. In fact, an obvious difference between the power adapter and the charger is that Does the main body of the power supply have an indicator light for the function of turning lights?

Strictly speaking, the power adapter cannot be used as a battery charger, because strictly speaking, even if the specifications of the power adapter or battery charger are the same, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% interchangeable. Because matching different products may have corresponding differences in electrical properties Adjust slightly. For example, if there is a motor in the product, its instantaneous starting current may be adjusted to the upper limit of the safety standard.

For example, some electronic products will require the power supply to adjust the voltage to the upper limit of the safety standard due to internal consumption. Of course, it is excluded In these special cases, power adapters with the same specifications, the same output range, and the same interface can be used interchangeably, and battery chargers with the same specifications, the same output range, and the same interface can be used interchangeably. The battery charger It is irreplaceable with the power adapter.

​ From a professional point of view, the accuracy range of the DC voltage output by the power adapter is ±5%V, and because the battery charger outputs in a current-limited and voltage-limited manner, its voltage output range is relatively wide. The charging process of the charger Yes, constant current-constant voltage-trickle, three-stage intelligent charging. The three-stage charging during the charging process can greatly improve the charging efficiency of the battery, shorten the charging time, and effectively prolong the battery life. The three-stage charging adopts First charge with constant current, then charge with constant voltage, and finally use float charge for maintenance charge.

​ Fast charging stage of the battery charger: charge the battery with a large current to quickly recover the battery power, the charging rate can reach more than 1C, at this time the charging voltage is low, but the charging current will be limited within a certain value range.

​ Supplementary charging stage: Compared with the fast charging stage, the complementary charging stage can also be called the slow charging stage. When the fast charging stage ends, the battery is not fully charged, and a supplementary charging process needs to be added. The supplementary charging rate generally does not exceed 0.3 C, because the battery voltage has increased after the fast charging stage, so the charging voltage in the supplementary charging stage should also increase and remain within a certain range.

​ Trickle charging stage: In the later stage of the supplementary charging stage, when it is detected that the temperature has risen above the limit value or the charging current has decreased to a certain value, it will start charging with a smaller current until certain conditions are met, then turn on the lamp and end charging.

​ Theoretically speaking, if the voltage range of the power adapter falls within the voltage range of the battery charger, the battery can be charged, but if this is slightly inappropriate, the battery will be damaged! The consequences of this are either insufficient charging, or It will overcharge and damage the battery, causing the battery to fail.

​​The main function of the power adapter is to provide power, and the main function of the charger is to charge the battery. The two cannot be mixed to avoid property damage.


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