Laptop, battery and power adapter recommended usage and troubleshooting

January 22, 2024

power adapter recommended usageRecommended usage and troubleshooting of laptops , batteries/power adapters. This article will introduce the recommended usage and troubleshooting of original batteries and power adapters.

  ● How to use the power adapter

  1. Try not to place the power adapter on the ground when using it. The wheels of the office chair can easily damage the power cord, causing poor contact or leakage of the power cord.

  2. Do not mix power adapters for different models. The connector sizes may be different, and misplugging may cause damage.

  3. The power adapter connectors have the same size, and the power output specifications must be the same (for example, 19V/4.74A). Misuse may cause damage to the power adapter or laptop

  ●​ Troubleshooting when the power adapter does not provide power

  1. Please confirm the power adapter connector, as shown below, whether the A power cord end/B socket end/C computer end is loose, or you can try changing the socket.

LAPTOP Adapter

  2. Please check whether the power adapter wire is damaged. If so, please replace the power adapter and test.

  ● How to use lithium batteries

  Lithium batteries have no memory effect, and lithium batteries have safety mechanisms to prevent overcharging/preventing over-discharging/charging temperature control, etc.

  In addition to what is said in the usage of lithium batteries, do not deliberately perform complete charge and discharge. Normal use is enough.

  The only thing to note is that lithium batteries have “self-discharge” characteristics, that is, the power will slowly decrease during storage and discharge.

  If the lithium battery is discharged to 0%, it may be unable to charge and be damaged. Therefore, before storing the lithium battery, you must first prepare a certain amount of power.

  It is recommended to charge the lithium battery to 50%~80% capacity before storing it.

  It is also recommended to take out the lithium battery and do a complete charge and discharge for a period of time (such as a month) to activate the battery function.

  ● Troubleshooting when lithium battery cannot be charged

  1. Confirm whether the power adapter is working properly. Please refer to the troubleshooting guide for power adapter not supplying power.

  2. If the lithium battery is removable, please disassemble it again.

  3. If the lithium battery cannot be charged after being stored, it is recommended to leave it overnight for charging. Longer charging times and lower charging currents may fix this problem

  If your problem is not resolved, please contact QINX Customer Service Center for further information.

  If maintenance service is required, please provide the battery, power cord and transformer for inspection together.


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