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Why is the power adapter light blinking?

Tháng Một 15, 2021

Why is the power adapter light blinking?

Generally, the indicator light of the power adapter only shows whether the power supply is working normally. If there is a flashing fault, there may be several reasons, which may be caused by internal instability. At this time, the internal voltage is likely to be unstable. Or it is poor contact with the socket, or It may be that the external voltage is too high or too low, and it is more likely that the external short circuit or external overload causes repeated startup. Or if the output is normal but the indicator light is flashing, it may also be a problem with the display LED. These are the causes of the power adapter light. Reason for flickering.


When troubleshooting, first of all, we use a multimeter to check whether the socket is normal, whether the power supply voltage is 100-240V, and the maximum does not exceed the range of 100-240V. If the mains voltage is not normal, it is recommended to replace the operating environment test.

1. Use a multimeter to check whether the output voltage and current of the power adapter are consistent with those marked on the nameplate. If not, and the mains voltage range is normal, it can be judged that the power adapter is faulty and the power adapter needs to be replaced

​ 2. If the above checks are normal, if the powered device is a laptop, we can remove the laptop battery instead of an external power adapter. Press and hold the laptop power button for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times. After releasing the residual charge of the laptop, insert it separately Power adapter, power-on test. If the powered product is other, you can refer to this method.

3. If the fault persists, we need to check the DC connector to see if there is any damage, such as looseness or appearance damage. It is recommended to try replacing the DC connector.


4. There is a fault inside the power supply, which causes hiccups in the power adapter. Most likely the filter capacitor fails, just replace it.


The indicator light of the power adapter is off


1. If the indicator light on the power adapter is off, it may be that the adapter is not connected to the socket, or there is no power at the socket, or the adapter may be broken.


2. Check whether the external adapter is correctly connected to the powered device, and whether the external power adapter is working normally. If the problem cannot be found, it is recommended to take it to a professional maintenance point for repair or replace the power supply.


3. In addition, you can use a multimeter to check whether the output voltage of the power adapter is normal, whether the socket is loose, and then turn off the power again to see if the fault can be eliminated, or if everything is normal but the light is not on, so it may be that the indicator light is aging.


If the indicator light of the power adapter keeps flashing, it is usually caused by the internal instability of the adapter. At this time, the internal voltage is likely to be unstable. In this case, it is recommended not to use the power adapter. The cause of this situation is mostly a failure of the power quality, such as The built-in rectifier large capacitor is cracked or bulged, etc.


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